Manage Data in Altair IoT Studio

The Altair IoT Studio platform allows bidirectional communication between your physical assets and their digital representation (the Things defined in AnythingDB).

Data can come from many sources, but it must be sent via HTTP or MQTT. If sending data from a device, you will need to add the right HTTP or MQTT endpoints in the device code (and the appropriate credentials). To see how to get the credentials required, read Manage Thing Security.
Note: If your device uses a different communication protocol, check the Device Drivers section to check if they are compatible with Altair IoT Studio.

Data will be sent from the devices (physical assets) to their digital representation (Things) and stored in the Properties. The most recent value will be shown in the Properties section but you can also access the Properties History to check the historical data.

Figure 1.

Note: As the platform offers its own MQTT broker, all the data sent to the platform (even if it is by HTTP method) is republished to the corresponding MQTT topics.
Figure 2.