The Categories function enables you to group your Assets (Things) in a logical way using Categories and define relations between them.

Categories permit you to group the entities (Things) of the smart connected ecosystem in a logical way and secure them from an access control perspective.

Figure 1.

Create a Category

  1. To create a new Category, click New Category.

  2. Name the Category (without spaces) and click Create.
    Note: Choose your Category names carefully! You cannot rename your Category once it is created.
    Figure 2.

    Once the Category is created, you can choose to do the following:
    • View Things: Overview of all the Things that belongs to this Category. You can also add new Things to the Category from here.
    • Update Model: Categories can have a Model or Model + Version assigned.
      • If you assign a Model to a Category, all the Things inside that Category follow that same Model, but any Version of that Model can be assigned to them.
      • If you assign a Model + Version to a Category all the Things inside need to have exactly that same Model and Version assigned.