Specific Area

Placing vias near the heat sink or crystal type components is critical in design, use this to check these type of placements.

Using a via keep-out area or clearance checking helps to detect fails in the design.

The Specific Area dialog contains the following sections:
  • Component Definition and Clearance Setup: Define target component groups and clearance values for them.
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Comp Group: Select target component group from the predefined component group list.
    • Check Layer: If the target component has certain geometries that define the size of the component, define the layer for the selected component group. Geometries defined here will be used to check the clearance from this component to vias or other components.
    • Check Box: Check the clearance between the selected component and other components.
    • Component Clearance: Set the clearance value between the selected component group and other components.
    • Measure Base: Select the measurement base for other components (not selecting component).
  • Clearance Checking
    • Clearance between Specified Components and Vias: Set the clearance value between the selected component at the table and vias.