MAT format files

1. Introduction

Once MAT files are generated by FluxMotor®, they can be imported in environments like PSIM® Activate® or Compose® .

This section explains the folder structure and the files generated by the export format “MAT – PSIM – Activate”.

The export generates a folder named according to the user choice. Inside it, two different folders can be found:

  • A folder “FMData”, containing several “.txt” files. Each file stocks the information about one exported variable (e.g., fluxes or inductances):

These files have the same format as the results exported from the FluxMotor test Characterization / Model. An example of the file containing the Joule losses is shown below.

  • A folder MAT_PSIM stocking the MAT file. It is written in version 5.0 and can be read by any software supporting this format. Here, it can be seen that the variables contained by this file are read by Compose®.