Export to System

1. Overview

The area SYSTEM, in the EXPORT environment of Motor Factory, allows exporting data like constants, curves and maps in lookup table (LUT) formats, such as FMU and MAT format files.

In the current version, the test Characterization/Model/Maps can be selected for exporting the data.

Constants, curves and maps” given in Jd-Jq plane, for characterizing the 3-Phase synchronous machines with permanent magnets

are computed and exported.

These files can be imported directly into environments like Altair® Activate®, Altair® Compose® or Altair® PSIM® as binary variables files (.mat) or inside block functions, ready to be integrated into schemes to represent the model of the corresponding rotating electrical machine.

These functionalities are useful to represent the machine at the system level. Therefore, electrical machine and other system components, such as the drive and the control command, can be represented and simulated altogether into the same area.

2. Area to export LUT

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export data in FMU format files
1 Selection of the EXPORT area of Motor Factory.
2 Access the area (SYSTEM) in which data can be exported in lookup table (LUT) formats.
3 Zone to visualize either the overview of the selected test
4 3 steps to compute and to export LUT data
5 Button to validate inputs, display a preview and export the data.

3. Steps to build an export LUT

3.1 Introduction

In EXPORT / ADVANCED TOOLS / SYSTEM area, 3 steps are needed to build and export data:
  1. Select the test which will be performed for building data to be exported.
  2. Define the test configuration, that means the user inputs/outputs parameters needed to perform the test (settings and user inputs of the considered test)
  3. Define the export type (FMU or MAT formats) and information.

3.2 Test selection

In the current version of FluxMotor®, one test can be selected:
  • Characterization / Model / Motor / Maps

3.3 Test configuration

After selecting a test, the corresponding test inputs (settings and user inputs) must be defined. This allows to define the initial conditions for testing.

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – SYSTEM – LUT / Test configuration for Characterization / Model / Motor / Maps
1 Overview of the selected test is displayed.
2 User inputs can be defined in the test area.
Note: The user help information about the test parameters is defined in the user help guide of the corresponding test. Please refer to the corresponding section.

3.4 Export information

The last step for building and exporting data in FMU format files is to define the export information.

Three inputs must be defined:ul
  • The name of the directory in which the created files will be stored
  • The format of the file to be exported. Three options are available: FMU for Activate, FMU generic and MAT file - for Acitvate and PSIM.
  • The destination folder in which the previous directory will be located.

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – SYSTEM – LUT / Export information
1 Tab to be expanded to define the export information.
2 Area in which the export information of parameters to be defined are listed
3 Button to validate the previous choices
4 Button to finalize the export of the data files. One click opens the folder where the directory is located