Materials - Overview

MATERIALS design area
1 Selection of the Material subset: MATERIALS panel (Click on the icon MATERIALS)
2 Visualization of the machine regions.
3 Direct access to open material manager. It allows seeing properties of materials.
4 Area to assign materials to machine regions (frame, shaft, bearings). See additional information below.
5 Area to assign materials to rotor regions (magnetic circuit). See additional information below.
6 Area to assign materials to Stator regions (magnetic circuit, coil conductor, insulators).

See additional information below.

7 Area to assign materials to Cooling fluids (internal fluid, external fluid).

See additional information below.

8 Button to restore default materials.Default materials are those defined as favorite materials in Material manager.

See “Materials” application for more information.

9 Button to validate assignment of materials. Pressing the Enter key twice applies inputs too.
10 Icon to export material data into *.txt or *.xlsx files.