Magnet - Data

Here are the properties needed to define a new magnet:

Category Label Unit
Description Name *
Family *
Author *
Manufacturer *
Memo *
Economic Price USD/kg
Mechanical data Mass density kg/m3
Electrical data Reference temperature (Tref) °C
Isotropic resistivity at Tref. Ohm*m
Temperature coefficient at Tref. 1/K
Magnetic data Reference temperature (Tref) °C
Remanent induction Br at Tref T
Reverse temperature coefficient α for Br 1/K
Relative permeability μ r 1
Intrinsic Coercivity HcJ at Tref A/m
Reverse temperature coefficient b for HcJ 1/K
Energy product (B.H) max J/m3
Normal coercivity field Hcb at Tref A/m
Maximum operating temperature °C
Curie temperature °C
Thermal data Reference temperature (Tref) °C
Isotropic thermal conductivity at Tref W/K/m
Specific heat at Tref J/K/Kg
Note: The relations between the remanent induction, the intrinsic coercivity and the temperature are described in advanced section: “Impact of temperature on physical properties”.
Note: The thermal conductivity of the magnet regions is constant whatever is the temperature of the region.