Computation Settings

For more information on how to set up a new propagation projects, see Set Up a New Project.

Note: The multi-path propagation results are only available with the IRT1 model.


Figure 1. The Edit project parameter dialog, Computation tab.

Prediction Model
Only the model which was selected at the preprocessing can be chosen for the prediction because the database contains only data for this prediction model. This simplifies the usage of ProMan as all other models can not be activated. Known from literature are the intelligent ray-tracing (IRT) model as well as the COST 231 (Walfisch-Ikegami) model. The IRT model allows fast rigorous 3D and 2x 2D ray-tracing predictions. The settings of the models can be changed by using the Settings button.
Indoor Prediction
Select the Indoor Coverage (without indoor walls) check box if you want to compute an estimation of the indoor coverage. No additional database is needed. Use the Settings button to choose an indoor penetration model.
1 intelligent ray tracing model (IRT)