Working with Indoor Projects

The different databases and how to use them is provided.

Indoor projects are based on indoor building databases which have to be modeled with WallMan.

In general, every database type can be used with any prediction model. For the empirical and semi-empirical models (Multi-Wall, Motley-Keenan, Modified Free Space and Indoor Dominant Path), the .idb database should be used.

The IRT model computes a sophisticated preprocessing before the prediction is computed. In this preprocessing, all walls are divided into tiles and all edges are divided into segments. Then all visibility relations between these elements are computed. This information is stored in a tree structure. This means that a discretization of the ray path search is undertaken. For the prediction, the individual paths do not have to be determined (like done in the SRT model). Instead, the path determination is reduced to a search in the tree. This makes the computation much faster.

If you have created a project that is based on a preprocessed database (.idi), ProMan tries to use the .idi database at first if you have selected the IRT model.

But with this preprocessed database you can choose also all other available propagation models.