Transmitter / Antenna Tab

Display Options for Transmitters / Antennas

On this dialog, you can specify how transmitters and antennas are displayed in ProMan.

Figure 1. The Display Settings dialog, Transmitter/Antenna tab.

The color of transmitter / antenna symbol.
Display Mode
Transmitters / antennas can be either hidden, displayed with or without a border.
Directional Antennas
Directional antennas can be displayed either with an arrow symbol or with a circle symbol. Omni-directional antennas are always displayed using a circle symbol.
Besides the transmitter symbol, additional text can be displayed to describe the antennas further.

The font size of additional text can be specified here as well as the antenna parameters which shall be displayed. The name and the assigned transmit power can be displayed by selecting the option Show Name and Show Power, respectively. In network planning projects the carrier assigned to transmitters / antennas can be depicted additionally.

It is possible to visualize the additional text information either for all transmitters/antennas or only at the current mouse position.