Office Building with Three Antennas

Compute the indoor propagation in a multi-story office building with an antenna placed on the fourth story and two antennas placed on the third story.

Model Type

The building has five stories, which include the ground floor. Three different prediction planes are used for result visualization.

Sites and Antennas

There are three sites at different locations in the office building for better coverage:
  • Site 1 has an omnidirectional transmitter antenna operating at 2 GHz and is located on level 4 in the building (antenna height 17.30 m above ground level).
  • Site 2 and Site 3 have transmitter antennas operating at the same carrier frequency of 2 GHz. These two sites are located on level 3 of the building at 13.6 m above ground level.
Figure 1. The office building layout.

Computational Method

As the model is a large multi-story building, the computation method used for such models is the dominant path model (DPM). DPM focuses on the most relevant path, which leads to shorter computation times compared standard ray tracing model (SRT).
Tip: Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Computation tab to change the model.


Figure 2 shows the propagation results received at Site 3 from each transmitting antenna individually.

Figure 2. The received power from Site 3.