Navigate in Models

Navigate inside your model hierarchy and between multiple diagrams.

You can navigate through the hierarchy of a model in three ways: from the diagram displayed in the modeling window, from the Project Browser or from the navigation bar. The following example shows you the main diagram of a bouncing ball model and the options to navigate inside of it.

Note: This model is available in the Demo Browser: Activate > Activate Introduction > Activate Basics > Bouncing Balls > Bouncing_ball.scm.
To navigate from Do this Note
Modeling window Double-click a super block in the main diagram of a model.

The main diagram closes and the diagram inside of the super block is displayed. You can continue to drill down through each layer of super blocks in this way.

Project Browser Double-click a super block on the tree.

The blocks inside of the super block are displayed in the tree and in the modeling window.

Navigation bar Click the navigation icon .

The navigation opens and lists the main diagram and its associated super blocks.