Welcome to Altair Twin Activate 2024

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Twin Activate software is a solution for creating and simulating multi-disciplinary, dynamic system models. The software is especially useful for signal-processing and controller design that requires both continuous-time and discrete-time components.

Key Functions

  • Modeling and simulating continuous and discrete dynamical systems.
  • Constructing hierarchical, parameterized models.
  • Combining standard components with physical components from Modelica.
  • Electronic Circuit modeling with SPICE.
  • Co-simulation with multi-body dynamics and electromagnetics.
  • Model exchange and co-simulation through the Functional Mock-Up interface.
  • Compiling models into executable code.

About Scicos

Portions of Twin Activate are based on the original Scicos software, authored and created by INRIA.

About Modelica

The Modelica support in Twin Activate is powered by Maplesoft and includes the Maplesoft Modelica engine and Modelica Standard Library for the modeling of physical components. The Modelica Standard library provides components for various system domains including Electrical, 1D Mechanical-Rotational, 1D Mechanical-Translational, Magnetic, and Thermal. Maplesoft is a registered trademark of Waterloo Maple, Inc.