Display Multiple Models

The software supports the concurrent loading and displaying of multiple models in a session.

All models that you load are listed in the Project Browser and can be displayed individually or simultaneously in multiple floating windows. When working with models in multiple windows, you can modify diagrams between the windows using the drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste operations.

Note: Though you can work on multiple models in a session, you can execute a simulation for only one model at a time.

Configure the Modeling Window

The modeling window includes a flexible layout and navigation system that lets you create multiple windows, detach and float windows, view multiple models and plots, view different parts of a model at the same time, and view the hierarchical construction of a model.

You can split the modeling window horizontally or vertically in a layout of up to four windows:

The following steps show you how to change the layout of the modeling window from one to three windows.

  1. Inside of the modeling window, right-click. Be sure to click the space just outside of and not directly on the model.
  2. From the context menu that appears, select Split Horizontal:

    The window splits into two windows that are aligned horizontally, A over B:
  3. Click window B to make it active, right-click, and then from the context menu, select Split Window.
    The B window splits into two windows:

    The windows on your screen should have the following configuration:

    Note: You can close a window at any time.

Navigate in Split Windows

After splitting a window, you can select one of the new windows and navigate through the various levels of a model. You can also resize or float a window to view a particular diagram section.

  1. Locate a model in a window that you want to work with and then click the background of the model.
    The navigation bar in the window darkens indicating that the window is active.

  2. Choose from the following:
    For this option Do this
    Resize an active window Select and move the horizontal or vertical separators as needed to make the window larger or smaller.
    Detach or float a window Right-click, and from the context menu, select Show in new window. A duplicate of the current view is displayed in a fully detached window.

    Note that when a simulation is performed, scopes are frequently used to display results. Both scopes and plots, which can be created from OML commands, are displayed in floating windows.

    Move through the various levels in a model On the navigation bar, click , and select the section of the model you want to view.