Composite Nets

When two or more nets are serially connected through passive components such as resistor, electrical analysis must be made for the entire signal path encompassing the multiple nets connected with these passive components. These nets are modeled as composite nets in PollEx PCB environment. The composite nets are automatically generated by PollEx PCB which references the schematic data to configure it by checking the connectivity of the selected passive components to each net.

Figure 1.

Figure 2. Composite Net Concept

In the upper left figure, two nets are connected with the R207 resistor, without composite nets operation, these two nets might have open terminal for each then electrical simulation results for the nets wouldn’t be appropriate.

Properties > Composite Nets menu provides versatile ways to manipulate the Composite Nets generation and manage features with many options and operations.

In Composite Component Area, you can select components to be used to generate composite net. Two nets connected with this component are modeled as composite nets.

After selecting composite component, upon clicking Generate Composite Nets, the list of composite nets will be displayed on composite net result display region.

You can remove or edit composite net result by clicking Remove or Edit. Also, you can manually add the composite net by clicking Add to select the connected Nets with composite component.

By double-clicking one of composite net, the Edit dialog opens. You can change Net Type, Net Class, and Electrical Constraints.

By clicking the Composite Data field, you can review the composite net connection structure.
By clicking Pin List field, you can review the component and pin number connected to this composite net.