Assign Net Properties

Net properties are basic attributes influencing the electrical analysis. The voltages assigned to the Power/Ground net will be applied to the connected terminator pin as termination voltage. Net pairs defined as Differential Signal Positive (+) & Negative (-) will be recognized and simulated as differential pair by just assigning the driver model to one of both Positive (+) or Negative (-) net.

Properties > Nets menu will invoke a dialog with default net properties as Single-ended signal for all nets included in the activated PCB system, by double-clicking a net or selecting a net and clicking Edit, you can define or modify the Net Type, Voltage, and electrical constraints. By clicking the Pin list, you can verify the list of all pins connected to the selected net.

Click Assign Net Type to set net property automatically using net information which described in IBIS files and property.

Click Find Net Class to set net class automatically using pre-defined net class search string file.

Click Edit Power Voltage to quickly change the voltages of the nets whose Net Type are Power.

Click Assign Diff. Pair Net using Net string to pair the Net Type of nets with differential pair using string.