Size Dimension

Definition if the Pin Pad Size Input Type is Size Dimension.

  1. Top Layer: Define the pad shape and size for the top layer.
    1. Connect Pad: Define the connected pad shape and size of the top layer.
      • Pad Shape: Define connected pad shape from Circle, Rectangle, Oblong, or Rounded Rectangle.
      • Define size: Circle (diameter), Rectangle/Oblong (width and height), and Rounded Rectangle (width, height, and rounded corner radius) respectively.

      Figure 1.
  2. Solder Resist: Define the solder resist pad size using margin from the pad.

    Figure 2.
  3. Unconnected pad: Define the unconnected pad shape and size.
    1. If unconnected pad is needed, select the check box.
    2. Define the pad shape and size.
  4. Metal mask: Define the metal mask size using margin from the pad.