Search Parts

Search and import a part information from the part library.

Figure 1.
  1. Part library directory: Display the path of the part library.
    1. Select: Select the path of the part library.
    2. Update Part Data Index File: Update the part data index file and reload.
  2. Search Result: Display the part search result.
    When invoking the Part Library Browser, all parts in the part library are displayed.
    1. Attributes: Display the attributes of the selected part.
    2. List All: Display all parts in the part library.
    3. Details: Execute UPE and open the selected part.
    4. Import: Import the selected part information to current part.
  3. Part Search Parameters: Define the keyword parameters for searching the part.
  4. Search by Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): Search parts by the MPN using any of the following search parameters:
    • Start With: Search by prefix of search keyword.
    • Exactly: Search parts matched exactly with search keyword.
    • Contains: Search parts containing search keyword.
    • Manufacturer: Search parts by manufacturer’s name.
    • Package Name: Search parts by package name.
    • Function Type: Search parts by function type.
    • Pin Count: Search parts by number of pins.
    • Product Family: Search parts by product family name.
    • Company Part Number (CPN): Search parts by company’s part number (CPN).
    • Package Type: Search parts by package type.
    • Passive Value: Search parts by passive value.
    • ROHS Compliance: Search parts by ROHS compliance.
    • Mount Type: Search parts by mount type.
    • User-defined Part Classifications: Search parts by user defined part classifications.
    • If multiple keywords are selected, search parts by a combination of keywords.