Library Part Manager

Figure 1.
  1. Part library directory: Show the path of part library file (*.upf).
    1. Part Summary: View the status of part library.
  2. Part Library List: Display the parts in part library.
    1. Open: Open the selected part library file.
    2. Part Number (MPN): Display the manufacturer’s part number of part.
    3. Company Part Number: Display the company’s part number of part.
    4. Manufacturer: Display the manufacturer name of the part.
    5. Package Geom: If package geometry of the part is defined, display .
    6. Package Name: Display the package name of the part.
    7. Footprint Name: Display the footprint name of the part.
    8. Logic Symbol Name: Display the logic symbol name of the part.
    9. Pin Count: Display the pin counts of the part.
    10. Created: Display the part creation date.
    11. Last Modified: Display the last modified date.
  3. Search: Search parts with defined keywords.
    1. Keyword type: Select search key word type.
      MPN, Company Part Number, Manufacturer, Package Name, Footprint Name and Logic Symbol Name are available.
    2. Keyword: Enter a keyword to search parts.
    3. Search: Search parts matched with the keyword.
    4. List All: Display all parts in the part library.
    5. Select All: Select all parts.
    6. Remove: Remove the selected part.
    7. Last Modified Data: Search parts modified in specific period.
    8. If multiple keywords are selected, search parts by combination of the keywords.
  4. File control:
    1. Export to STEP: Export current package shape as STEP format file.
    2. Export to Excel: Export current part information as MS Excel format file.
    3. Copy Selected Parts: Copy the selected parts to another folder.
    4. 3D Package Geometry Color Setting: Define the color of 3D package geometry.
    5. Update Part Data Index File: Update the library part data index file (UPF_Index).
  5. Imported Parts: Display the list of imported parts from a ECAD system.
    1. In Library: Display if the same part number of the imported part is in the part library.
      Other menus are the same as those in part library list.
  6. Imported parts control
    1. Put in Library: Put the selected parts into the part library.
    2. Export to Excel: Export the imported parts information to an MS Excel file.