Margin from Pin Land Pattern

Definition if the Pin Pad Size Input Type is Margin from Pin Land Pattern.

  1. Top Layer: Define the pad shape and size for the top layer.
    1. Pin Pad: Define the size and shape of the pin pad.
      • Pad Shape: Select pad shape from Circle, Rectangle, Oblong, or Rounded Rectangle.
      • Define size: Circle (margin from pin land pattern), Rectangle (toe, heel, and side), Oblong (toe, heel, and side) and Rounded Rectangle (toe, heel, side, and rounded corner radius) respectively.

      Figure 1. Circle Type

      Figure 2. Rectangle, Oblong, Rounded Rectangle Type
  2. Solder Resist: Define the solder resist pad size using margin from the pad.
  3. Unconnected pad: Define the unconnected pad shape and size.
    1. If unconnected pad is needed, select the check box.
    2. Define the pad shape and size.
  4. Metal mask: Define the metal mask size using margin from the pad.