Pallet Outline

  • Pallet Frame: The size of the pallet frame uses a fixed size. Therefore, by entering the separation distances of Left, Right, and Bottom of the Pallet Frame, a Pallet Frame area can be created.
  • Pallet to PCB Outline: From the PCB Outline, a Pallet Area is generated by a certain separation distance inward, and a Pallet Boundary is generated by a separation distance entered outside.
  • Run Validation: It may happen that the created Soldering Pallet area cannot be created according to the Design Rule set in Soldering Pallet – Input. If the Run Validation checkbox is enabled, validation is automatically executed using the value entered in Soldering Pallet – Input.
  • Save: Can save or load the input file (*.pspi).
  • Generate: Soldering Pallet-As set in the input, data for manufacturing the Soldering Pallet are sequentially generated.

    Figure 2.

    Figure 3.

The progress is displayed as a progress bar, and when the creation is completed, the log is displayed.

When the creation process of the Soldering Pallet is completed, a dialog box that outputs the generated result as a DXF file appears.

The DXF file is printed because the manufacturer that produces the soldering pallet uses the DXF file.