The Export Window

The Export window allows you to export prepared tables  to a number of formats, including:

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Access

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • IBM Cognos Analytics

  • SAS Transport File Format (XPORT) Version 5

  • Altair Knowledge Studio

  • Tableau TDE

  • Tableau Server

  • Qlik

  • Altair Panopticon

Through this window, you can also export summaries to the CSV and Excel file types.


Export Window Panels




Application Menu

Click on this button to display a menu showing additional Monarch Complete options. You can:


The standard Monarch Data Prep Studio Toolbar

Select a tool to move to the Start Page, Preview Window, Prepare Window, Transform Pane, Combine Stage, or Analyze Drop-down.


List of Tables

This panel lists all of the tables available for export.


Export Management Panel

This panel displays all of the tables you have selected for export. You can use this panel to instruct Data Prep Studio to export individual (selected) or all tables.


Export Properties Panel

This panel displays the different properties your export tables possess. You must configure the properties of each table you intend to export to ensure that you obtain the results you desire.


Results Panel

This panel displays the results of all ongoing and completed export operations. You can cancel an export anytime by clicking the Cancel button that appears to the right of a result while an export operation is in progress.



Workspace Information

Click this icon to launch a popup that provides complete details on your workspace.


Save Workspace

Use this icon to automatically save your workspace, including all defined exports.


Data Source Library

You can save workspaces and tables to the Data Source Library. Clicking this icon displays the Library dialog.



Click to set Current Workspace or Application Default settings.



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