The Monarch Data Prep Studio Toolbar and Windows

The Monarch Data Prep Studio interface includes a toolbar that remains visible regardless of the window or page you access.

The Monarch Data Prep Studio Toolbar

The Monarch Data Prep Studio toolbar includes several tools, each of which allow you to carry out a specific action towards completing data integration, preparation, and transformation. 

Tool Descriptions



Application Menu

Allows you to:

  • Open, close, and save your workspace

  • Open a new data source

  • Export and import Change Lists

  • Open a table in Data Prep Studio in Classic mode

  • Import workspace tables

  • Launch a new Classic mode session

  • Import workspace tables

  • Close Monarch Data Prep Studio

  • Exit Data Prep Studio


Allows you to open a file. It also allows you to:

  • View product-related videos.

  • View online Help

  • View Team Files

  • Go to the Market Place.


Allows you to:

  • Open a file to load a data  source or a report

  • Preview and discover data within tables

  • Select specific tables to work with

  • Select and append similar tables prior to loading.


Allows you transform the columns of your unified table. For instance, you can:

  • Change the case

  • Remove extra spaces

  • Convert from one data type to another

  • Work with substrings


Allows you to:

  • Remove empty rows

  • Pivot or unpivot columns

  • Group rows by a specific column


Allows you to join data from two or more tables, so that you have one unified table to work with.


Allows you to create, view, modify, and manage summaries


Allows you to export your workspace to several popular file formats and file and database systems.

Report Design

Allows you to build a table by selecting fields on a document. The resulting table then becomes available in the Preview Window, so you can load it and then eventually combine with other tables or data sources.

This window is only available only when you open a report document.

Workspace Information

Clicking this icon launches a popup that provides complete details on your workspace.

Save Workspace

Allows you to save your current workspace. Your workspace includes:

  • The tables you have loaded

  • The join definitions you have created

  • The transform operations you have carried out

Data Source Library

Opens the Data Source Library, which will then allow you to select and use data sources made available to you.


Presents setting options that allow you to, among others:

  • Set row limits

  • Set default folder values

  • Configure advanced settings

  • Define conversion settings

  • Define server settings

  • Specify runtime parameters

  • Set time intervals

  • Configure display settings

  • Specify security settings

  • Configure license settings

  • View information on the Monarch Data Prep Studio application




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