Mouse Controls

Mouse controls are used to pan, zoom, and rotate the model.

Inspire offers two types of camera rotation:

  • Turntable rotation restricts the rotation to the x-y plane, which is useful if your model's vertical direction is aligned with the z-axis.
  • Trackball rotation allows the model to tumble freely in any direction.
To do this... Press Or
Pan +
Trackball Rotation Ctrl +
Turntable Rotation Shift +
Zoom About the Mouse Cursor
Dynamic Zoom About Screen Center Ctrl + Shift +
  • You can customize the mouse button/keystroke combinations used to pan, zoom, and rotate so they match other commonly used CAD applications using the File > Preferences window.
  • Inspire supports the 3Dconnexion peripherals. No additional setup is required, but the device needs to be connected to your computer before Inspire is launched.