Create a HyperGraph Template for Reading in Multiple Files

All the .pch files should be in the same directory and the $label values should be the same.

  1. Open HyperGraph .
  2. Read in file number 1.
  3. To read in multiple curves at one time, select one Y Type. Select multiple Y Request. Select multiple Y Components.
  4. From the Layout menu, select One curve per plot.
  5. Click Apply. Multiple plots will be created.
  6. From the File menu, select Save as > Report Template. Save file as a .tpl in the same directory as where the .pch files are located.
  7. From the File menu, select New > Session. This will restart HyperGraph.
  8. From the Tools toolbar, select Open Reports Panel.
  9. In the Report definition list, the .tpl file will be listed.
  10. Click Apply. The original curves will be shown.
  11. Click Add to open another file to compare the results.
  12. Select Overlay.
  13. Once you have finished adding the files, Save the .tpl file.
  14. You can now open the .tpl file in HyperGraph and enter new file names for different comparisons.