Capture Session

Capture and export the complete session as images to a Document or Presentation report.

For Presentation reports, the slide layout with the largest placeholder (text, image, or table) is used. This placeholder is then split into blocks per the page layout and images are added. The title field is populated with the slide titles.

This module allows you to capture the content of all pages and windows in the session and export a Document or Presentation report with a single operation. Capture session module refers to the Session Browser page selection for image capture.

Capture Session automatically selects the output image format based on the Session Browser Publish Format. The table below provides more details for the image formats:

Figure 1.

Adding a Capture Session Module

  1. From the Report Ribbon, Add Modules tool group, click and select Capture Session module.


    Navigate to Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Capture > Capture Session.
    Note: This module is available for both Document and Presentation modes.
  2. The Name property is associated with the Capture Session module. You can edit this value.

    Figure 2.
  3. Check the Each Window to Different Page box.

    When there are multiple pages and windows in the session, each page or window is added under a new chapter for Document, or a new slide for a Presentation report.

  4. Right-click on the Capture Session module and click Run.
    Image Caption
    Captured images are captioned based on the window number in the session layout.
    You can also edit the image caption property for the captured images.
Restriction: In Presentation Report, Capture Session module generates blank output for TableView and TextView on Windows.