Combine Solids

Use the Boolean: Combine tool to connect two or more solids together, retaining all of the material in both.

  1. From the 3D ribbon, click the Boolean > Combine tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Optional: On the guide bar, click to edit the tolerance value.
  3. Select solids in the following ways:
    • Click Find on the guide bar to detect solids within the given tolerance.
    • Manually select individual solids by left-clicking.
    • Click and drag to draw a window. Only intersecting solids in the enclosed region are selected.
  4. Review each intersecting solid by clicking and on the guide bar.
  5. Combine solids in the following ways:
    • In the modeling window, hover over individual intersecting solid pairs and left-click to combine.
    • On the guide bar, click Combine All to combine all of the intersecting solids.
    Figure 2.