Show, Hide, and Isolate Entities

Turn the display of entities on and off in the modeling window.

Show, Hide, and Isolate Using Context Menus

Display control options are available in most context menus. In general, the options are dependent on whether or not there is a selection.
Note: Hiding solids or surfaces in the modeling window does not update the visibility status of surface and solid bodies in the Part Browser. Surfaces/solids and surface/solid bodies are not the same entity.
Hides selected entities.
Shows selected entities.
Show All
Shows all entities of the same type as the entity selector.
Show Adjacent
Shows the entities adjacent to your selection.
Show Selected
Show selected entities that are hidden.
Isolates selection and turns off the display of all other entities, regardless of type.
Reverse Displayed
Reverses the display of the entity type in the entity selector.
Reverse Visibility
Reverses the display of the selected entities (Part Browser only).

Show and Hide Using Browser Icons

Left-click on an entity's icon in the Part Browser or Post Browser to switch between showing or hiding the entity. When an entity is hidden, it appears grayed out in the browser.

Figure 1.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To do this Press
Show all of the current entity type A
Hide selection H
Isolate selection I
Reverse display R
Show adjacent entities to selection J