Change Model Color Settings

Change how geometry and mesh entities are visualized in the modeling window by selecting a color mode.

From the View Controls toolbar, click and select a color mode.
Switches to the appropriate color mode depending on the active tool.
Color by boundaries conditions via the Boundaries legend.
BL Controls
Color by boundary layer mesh controls via the BL Controls legend.
CFD Topology
Color solid bodies by part and make transparent. Color surfaces bodies in gray, free and shared edges in red, non-manifold edges in yellow.
Color elements, surfaces, and solid faces based on the component to which they belong.
Edge Controls
Color by edge mesh controls via the Edge Controls Legend.
Display surfaces in wireframe, and color surface edges blue (ignoring topology). Color solid faces by mappability: red (not mappable), yellow (1D mappable), or green (3D mappable). Color solid face edges by topology.
Color surfaces and solid faces based on the component to which they belong, and color surface edges and solid face edges by topology.
Color all surfaces based on the part to which they belong.
Part Group
Color by part groups.
Solid Group
Color by surface groups.
Surface Controls
Color by surface mesh controls via the Surface Controls legend.
Surface Element Quality
Color elements based on their quality, which is defined by the 2D element criteria settings. The element quality legend displays in the modeling window to assist you in evaluating the element quality.
Surface Groups
Color by surface groups via the Surface Groups legend.
Surface Normals
Review surface normals. Red is positive normal, blue is negative normal.
Adjust surface normals by right-clicking and selecting Edit > Normal > Update or Reverse..
Color 2D faces gray, and color surface edges by topology: red (free edges), green (shared edges), yellow (t-junctions), and blue (suppressed edges). Color solid faces and face edges transparent green (bounding faces), and color internal faces yellow (full partition faces).