Part Properties

Selecting a part allows you to set values for various properties.

Define Wall Model

From the Property Editor, you can define Wall Model parameters.
  1. Enable the Override checkbox to specify a different wall model.
  2. Select a coupling type.
  3. Enter a value for the intensity.
    Restriction: Only available for One Way coupling type.
  4. Enter a value for the roughness.
    Restriction: Enabled for wheels and belts. Only available for Adaptive Two Way coupling type.
    Tip: If you select the entire model in the Model Browser, you can set Adaptive Two Way to all parts.

Baffle Element Recognition

Baffles are used to model very thin walls, e.g., sheet metal parts. In the numerical surface mesh model, baffles are represented by shell elements, which have fluid volume on both sides.

Define a part as a baffle in the following ways:
  • Select a part and toggle the Baffle option on in the Property Editor.
  • Select a part, right-click, and activate the Baffle option in the context menu.


Surface Roughness
Describes surface roughness (in [ m ] ) on the boundary of two objects. See <boundary_conditions> for more detailed information.
Triangle Splitting
Specifies the triangle splitting to increase the accuracy of the calculation of aerodynamics forces that act on the surfaces. Can be defined in the Property Editor. See <simulation> for more detailed information.
Figure 1.