Add a figure to the report.


addFigure( fileName, justify='center',
                    caption = None, scale = 1, ref = None )


fileName (string)
Figure file name. Notice that the full directory of the figure needs to be included.
justify (string)
Figure justification. Valid values are flushleft, flushright and center.
caption (string)
Caption of the figure.
scale (integer)
Image scale.
ref (string)
Label of the figure for further reference.

Return Value



This routine adds a figure to the report. The figure fileName, justification, caption and scale are given by fileName, justify, caption and scale. The ref argument is the label of the figure for further reference. For example,
fname = vis.saveImage( width=600, height=400 )
rep.addFigure( fname, "center", "Geometry of the problem",
               1.0, "fig:geom" )
rep.addText( """The geometry is given in Figure \\ref{fig:geom}.""" )