Round the corners of 2D sketch curves to create fillets (F) with the same radius or different radii.

  1. Click the Fillet icon.

  2. Select the corners to fillet. You can only select a corner between two straight lines.
    • To select a corner, click the vertex.
    • To select multiple corners, use box selection (click-and-drag the mouse).
    Previews of the fillets are displayed. A tangent constraint is automatically applied to the fillets.
  3. Define the radius, enter a value in the microdialog and press Enter.
    Tip: If the radius is too large, the fillet preview is displayed in red. Decrease the radius to create a valid fillet.

  4. To apply the same radius to all fillets, select the Uniform Radius = button on the microdialog.
  5. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
    The fillets are created with the dimensions of the radii indicated.
    Tip: To see which fillets have the same radius, hover over an equal sign. Fillets with the same radius are highlighted in yellow.