Spatial supports and the infinite box


When the study domain is limited by an infinite box, the user can analyze the results to infinity on certain spatial supports.

  • The spatial supports of the computation point, path, 2D grid, 3D grid type can be extended beyond the bounded study domain.
  • The spatial supports of the cutting plane type cannot be extended beyond the bounded study domain. A cutting plane stops at the border of the infinite box. It does not exceed the infinite box.


The analysis to infinity must be carried out with special attention to the last layer of finite elements in the infinite box because the solution deteriorates quickly when the point tends to infinity.

If one is interested in the field radiated in the proximity of a device at a specific distance, it is necessary to define a box an appropriate size. Mesh density in this region must be considered.

Image path

If a path is extended beyond the Infinite box, the part of the path located beyond the infinite box is transformed in an “image path”. The coordinates of the points belonging to the image path are created using a parallelepipedic shell transformation.