2D Sketcher: cohabitation with Flux

Sketcher 2D integrated in Flux

The 2D sketcher integrated in Flux is a dedicated context accessible from a Flux 2D or a Skew project.

The 2D sketcher context is directly open upon the opening of a new project (nevertheless, this is an option that is modifiable in the supervisor options).

The standard Flux geometric description remains usable in duplicate outside the sketcher context.


The environment of the sketcher context is similar to the Flux environment with the data tree, a graphic window, the command window and the history of the commands. The graphic window is personalized as compared to that of Flux (nevertheless this is an option that is modifiable starting from the supervisor options).


All the operations carried out in the sketcher are recorded in the command PyFlux as for Flux operation.

Command files can also be executed starting from the sketcher by the Project menu.

Old project

The old Flux projects are compatible with the 2D sketcher. The user will have the option to open up an old project and open the 2D sketcher context in order to modify its geometry.

Parametric study

It is possible to carry out parametric studies by means of a project described in the sketcher. The operation is identical as the one in the standard Flux context, representing the way to describe the geometric parameters that are used in the formulas defining the coordinates of certain points.

Information: mesh, region …

The sketcher can be opened by means of geometric entities that contain other data except those in the geometric description, namely the data on mesh, region and appearance.

These data are stored after the sketcher has been opened, the modifications made and the sketcher closed.

Conservation of Faces

The data (mesh, region) are preserved on the faces too, on condition that the contour of the face has not been modified and should be always of the same number of lines and the same id (like standard behaviour of Flux).

Study domain

It is necessary to define the computation domain of the model. In the standard context of Flux this definition is done by the creation of an Infinite box and selection of a Symmetry (domain) and Periodicity (domain). These domain description tools are also compatible with the sketcher. The description of the domain can be done in or outside the sketcher context via Domain menu.


The applied units are the unit of length and the unit of angle. They are defined in the domain options, (they also can be defined during the choice of the application). They are applicable to all the length and angle parameters of the sketcher.

Build Face

When exiting sketcher, the execution of the command Build faces is done automatically.