Face mesh regularization


The mesh quality partly depends on the regular repartition of the mesh elements. The bubble movement technique (bubble packing) permits the regularization on face mesh with the automatic mesh generator.

Bubble packing method

With this method, the triangles or tetrahedrons tops are assimilated to certain charged particles, which are interacting by means of attraction and repulsion forces. The balance position of these particles therefore takes an optimal configuration for the meshing.


The mesh regularization process is described on the figures below:

  • Initial mesh transformed into bubbles mesh

  • Movement of bubbles with insertion of bubbles into holes

  • Transformation of bubbles to obtain the final mesh


The bubble packing method is applied only on face meshed with automatic mesh generator in 2D and 3D.

Advantages / shortcomings

The bubble packing method applied to the face mesh (2D/3D) has the following advantages and drawbacks:

  • advantages:
    • automatic improvement of the mesh regularity on faces
  • drawbacks:
    • more mesh
    • longer meshing time