The mesh process (Aided mesh)


The user can carry out a rapid and good quality meshing taking into account the geometric constraints with the Aided mesh.

Aided mesh

The Aided mesh permits the user to adjust the assembly of a project with the taking into consideration of certain geometric constraints (lines, non flat faces, narrow faces, or proximal, but not belonging to the same geometry) by means of deviation, relaxation and shading tools (see also « 9.3.6 Aided mesh »).

The table below illustrates possible mesh strategies the user may select to mesh a project.

Stage Description
1 Mesh
The result of meshing appears on screen
2 If the meshing is not satisfactory, edit the Aided mesh and modify the values
3 Return to stage 1
4 If the mesh is not satisfactory after several repetitions, add information locally to the mesh by means of the adjustment tools
5 Mesh
6 If necessary, return to stage 4