Import of a list of points in a multipoint support


The creation of a multipoint support is carried out by importing of a list of points.

The corresponding command permits to create a multipoint support starting from the nodes coordinates of another application, in order to prepare the data exchange between two applications of different nature.

Create a multipoint support

To create a multipoint support by import of a list of points :

Step Action

In the menu Parameter/Quantity:

  • point on Multipoint support
  • activate the command New multipoint support by importation of a list of points
A dialog box «New multipoint support ….» is opened
2 Choose the Name of multipoint support

Specify the file to be imported:

  • choose the format (DEX, IP or tabulated)
  • choose the file to be imported, or define the coordinates of the points, if the chosen format is «tabulated»
4 Choose a fixed support and pass to step 5

Choose a mobile support:

  • choose the position of the mechanical set
  • choose the mechanical set
  • pass to step 5
5 Validate by OK
The multipoint support is created and it appears in the data tree