Export of a spatial quantity and formula


The user has the possibility to export the values of a spatial quantity or formula :

  • multipoint support
  • volume or surface region
  • 2D or 3D grid

Option regarding localization

The user can choose to filter the support points chosen by specifying the region where the calculus points must be found.

Thus only the calculi of the points belonging to the specified region will be exported.

Export format

A spatial quantity / formula from a support can be exported to a file which different format available are:

Format Description

DEX = Data EXchange

format specific to Flux

*.NAS Nastran format for AcuSolve
*.IP IP is a format for the Fluent software
*.VTK Visualization ToolKit format
PyFlux output  

Export spatial quantity/ formula

To export a spatial quantity/formula :

Step Action

In the menu Parameter/Quantity:

  • point on Export quantity
  • activate the command Export spatial quantity and formula
A dialog box « Export spatial quantity and formula » is opened

Choose the support for the export:

  • Choose the type of the support (multipoint, region, grid)
  • Choose the support

Specify the file to export:

  • choose the format (DEX, IP, ...)
  • choose the file
4 Choose the position of the mechanical set (if any)
5 Choose the spatial formula of the quantity to be calculated and exported
6 Validate by OK