Multiphysics commands for data update, import and export

Description of commands

The descriptions of the multiphysics commands for data updating, import and export to implement the data exchange process are presented in the table below:

Commands Description
Export coordinates of regions nodes

Permits to export the coordinates of regions nodes of a Flux problem to a (DEX) type file

Initial conditions: meshed problem.

Output: a file containing the coordinates of the selected region nodes.

New multipoint support by importation of a list of points

Permits to create a multipoint support by importation of a points list originating from another problem in view of preparing the exchange between the two problems of a different nature.

Input: a file containing the points coordinates

Output: a multipoint support containing the imported points.

Export spatial quantity and formula starting from different types of supports

Permits to export a spatial quantity or a formula of the nodes of a support to a (DEX) type file.

Input: the quantity to be exported.

Output: a file containing the nodes of the chosen support and the values of the chosen quantity for each of these nodes.

Update multiphysics spatial quantity by importation

Permits to update a spatial quantity of the multiphysics type by import of a file containing the values of the quantity in each node.

The spatial quantity is necessarily created beforehand and necessarily of the multiphysics type.

Input: the quantity to be updated, a file comprising the coordinates of the nodes and the values of a quantity corresponding to each of these nodes.

Output: the updated multiphysics chosen spatial quantity.

Update current value of an I/O multiphysics parameter

Permits the update of the current value of an I/O multiphysics parameter before the resolution of one step.

Input: the I/O parameter to update

Output: the I/O parameter updated with the chosen value.