Export of the nodes coordinates


In the exchange of data between finite element applications of different nature – thermal, magnetic, electric… of a given device, it is possible to have different meshing.

In order to get the chart of nodes homogeneous between the different studied applications, the user has the possibility to export the nodes coordinates starting from a support of the volume or surface region type.

Export format

Nodes coordinates are exported to a file which available formats are:

Format Description

DEX = Data EXchange

format specific to Flux

*.IP IP is a format for the Fluent software
PyFlux output

Export of nodes coordinates

To export the nodes coordinates starting from a support:

Step Action

In the menu Parameter/Quantity:

  • point on Export nodes of regions
  • activate the command Export coordinates of regions nodes
A dialog box « Export coordinates of regions nodes » is opened

Choose the support for the exportation:

  • choose the type of region (volume or surface)
  • choose the region

Specify the file to export:

  • choose the format (DEX, IP)
  • choose the file
4 Choose the position of the mechanical set (if any)
5 Validate by OK