Export of N dimensions data table


A data table allows regrouping, in the same file (.oml, .txt or .csv). Data values contained in parameters (geometric or I/O parameters) and sensors after a parametric or transient solving.

The goal may be analyzing or reusing the data in another software.

Steps to export data tables

The steps to follow to export the data tables are:
  1. Launch the command through Data exchange > Export a data table
  2. Select the output parameters / sensors
  3. Select the file format (.oml / .txt / .csv) and the file name

    (For .oml files, enter the name of the files folder of destination. Each file contains one output parameter data)

  4. The option Operation on a parameter intervalmay be enabled, it allows the user to do a mathematical operation on the output parameter over a variating parameter (time, angular or linear position, etc..):
    • Select the parameter (time, angular or linear position, etc..) to apply the operation
    • Select the type of operation:
      • RMS value;
      • Maximum value;
      • Minimum value;
      • Statistical average value;
      • Integral average value.


OML file format for Twin Activate / Compose (LookUp Tables ND)