Cut objects


The geometric operation s allows cutting one or more objects as a reference plane in two steps:

  • Detection of cut section: intersection between objects to cut and reference plane passing through these objects
  • Choice sections to cut

Structure of cut objects

The operation Cut objects is describe by a wizard in two steps:

  • Step 1: Detection of cut sections
    • The list of objects to cut
    • The reference plane taking into account in the detection of intersections with selected objects
  • Step 2: Choice of sections to cut
    • The list of sections taking into account for the cutting
Dialog box Illustration

Step 1 « Detection of cut sections »

Step 2« Choice of sections to cut »


The application of a cutting of objects has as result:

  • N resulting cut objects following the number of cut sections and the number of closed contours (OBJ_CUT_1, OBJ_CUT_2, …OBJ_CUT_N).
  • A geometric operation CUT_1. This geometric operation is a specific entity of the modeler that permits to ensure the cycle of life of the construction (creation - modification - deletion).
  • N geometric operations corresponding to the creation of each object (CUT_1_1, CUT_1_2, …, CUT_1_N)
  • The operation CUT_1 has been added in each geometric operation list linked with each object OBJ_CUT_1, OBJ_CUT_2, …OBJ_CUT_N
  • Each geometric operation (CUT_1_1, CUT_1_2, …, CUT_1_N) is respectively added in the list of geometric operations linked with each corresponding object (OBJ_CUT_1, OBJ_CUT_2, …OBJ_CUT_N)

Then the user may delete objects that he wishes.


The different accesses of the geometric operation Cut objects are:

  • By menu: Correction&Simplification > Cut objects > New
  • By icon:

When use the cut operation

The operation of cut objects can be used:

  • To reduce a geometry (built in the modeler or after an CAO import) taking into account symmetries / periodicities and thus reduce the mesh and so reduce the solving time.
  • To delete some parts of the geometry after an import, which are not necessary to the modeling

Creation of cut objects

The process of creation of a cut objects is presented in the table below.

Phase Description Wizard
1 Opening the dialog box Cut wizard _
2 Choice objects to cut Step 1
3 Choice reference plane to the detection of cut sections
4 Validation of the first step and passing at the following step by clicking on >>

Choice of name of the geometric operation resulting

(by default : CUT_1)

Step 2
6 Validation by clicking on OK
7 For example, delete objects to do disappear _


Some limitations :

  • The geometric operation Cut objects is not modifiable. In this case, the user must delete in force the geometric operation of cut and create again with the wished modifications.