Advice for utilization / advanced mode


The improvements brought about with V12 should permit to treat most of the cases; but it is not possible to ensure 100% of success.

To respond to failure situations (the command for the automatic creation of the cuts has not been successfully completed), a certain number of elements of information are brought in the following sections.

In case of failure

In case of failure of the command for the automatic creation of the cuts, two strategies can be adopted:

  • one strategy that imposes the reconstruction of the geometry
  • one strategy imposing the fine adjustment of the command (advanced mode)

In case of failure (1): strategy of reconstruction

In case of failure, a first strategy consists in «re-constructing» and « re-meshing » the geometry. The process is described in the table below. This strategy is quite difficult to put into application as it requires the rebuilding of the links between the geometry and the physic (assigning the regions, electric components, mechanical sets…)

Step Action
1 Delete the mesh
2 Delete the volumes
3 Build the volumes
4 Mesh…

In case of failure (2): adjustment strategy

In case of failure, a second strategy consists in passing to the advanced mode in order to adjust certain adjustments of automatic creation of the cuts. The command Advanced administration of the cuts… launches the automatic creation of the cuts while taking into account these adjustments. The adjustment elements are described in the table below.

The choice… … permits…
of the type of cut

to select the type of cut that will be generated by the command :

  • only cuts on the geometry
  • only cuts on the mesh
  • cuts on the geometry and on the mesh
of volume regions to select the volume regions which will be affected by the command
of the cuts to be preserved to preserve the already created cuts (and thus reduce the time of construction of the cuts)

of the number of iterations

(concerning the creation of the cuts on the mesh)

to modify the conditions of operation of the algorithm named « of swelling of the mesh »*
Note: *Modifying the number of iterations can sometimes permit to complete the creation of the cuts in cases of failure. This modification has impact on the choice of the starting volume element, and thus on the entire process.