Flux 2022.2: New and Updated Macros

Here the list of new and updated macros implemented in the Flux 2022.2 release.

CreateEccenteredMechanicalSet.PFM (New)

Create a mechanical set which defines an eccentered rotor for your electrical motor. You can define any type of eccentricity (static, dynamic or mixed) depending of the inputs of the macro.

Macro_Flux3D_Postpro /Find_Rotor_Angle_3D.PFM ( Update)

The macro now works for model where a complete geometry is modeled and for a delta coil configuration winding. The coil configuration is detected by using the new function DetectWyeOrDeltaCoilsConnection that has been implemented in this Flux version.

CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight.PFM (Update)

Macro now consider any type of formulation (float, mathematic formula, parameter name) of the end winding inductance, especially the one given in a project generated with FluxMotor.

CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight3D.PFM & CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLightSkew.PFM (New)

Adaptation of the CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight macro for 3D and Skew projects.

Remember: Those macros create look up table of φDQ, LD, LQ and torque versus ID, IQ and rotor position. It will create a new Magneto-Static project from the magnetic transient one. In the Magneto-Static project the current is driven with ID and IQ allowing to extract easily all the needed tables. At the end of the oml file in comment there is the possibility to display Ld, Lq and torque versus Id and Iq with Altair Compose.

Multi-phase motor analysis macros (New)

All the below macros are adaptation of existing ones for multi-phase motors analysis.

  • CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQ_nphases.PFM

    Adaptation of the CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight macro for supporting any number of phase. CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQ_nphases runs CreatePark_Iabc_Drivenby_Idq_nphases and CreatePark_dq_From_abc_nphases to compute look-up tables of n-phases emotor models.

  • CreatePark_Iabc_DrivenbyIdq_nphases.PFM

    Create IA,B,C,... driven by IDQ and a parametric scenario to compute directly φD, φQ and torque versus ID and IQ.

  • CreatePark_dq_From_abc_nphases.PFM

    Create DQ parameters from A,B,C, … components using the Park transformation. Here, it computes φD and φQ from φA, φB, φC, ...

LUT_2D_4SystemAnalysis.PFM (New)

New macro for Flux-Activate/PSIM coupling. It works the same way as CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight with additional export options: Look up table can be either written in a .mat format that can be read by Activate or PSIM. This macro has been created to make system analysis of your e-motors easier (see Flux coupling with System Analysis software).