Create tables from a magnet motor transient project to define the flux dq, Ld, Lq and torque as a function of Id, Iq and rotor position. Plot the efficiency map with Compose.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document
Note: This macro must be only used AFTER loading INIT_AFIR; it is loaded automatically after loading INIT_AFIR. So, don’t load it directly with a blank project.


  • Choice of default mode
  • Maximum value for Id
  • Number value of Id
  • Number step in the electric period
  • Angle position of the rotor


  • Create a result OML file with name created from the initial file (*_res.oml)
  • It will also include more data such as phase resistance, end winding inductance, electric period, initial rotor position and the possibility to display values in Compose
  • Efficiency map with Compose, oml file Flux_D and Flux_Q