Instead of writing a scenario for a steady state thermal application, this macro will directly mesh and solve the project. To do so a geometry must be previously generated using INIT_AFIR or AFIR_THERMAL.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document
Note: This macro must be only used AFTER loading INIT_AFIR; it is loaded automatically after loading INIT_AFIR. So, don’t load it directly with a blank project.


  • PROJECT_NAME: the project in which the simulation will be saved
  • JOULE_LOSSES: Global copper losses of the machine
  • MAGNETS_LOSSES: Global losses in the magnets
  • STATOR_IRON_LOSSES: Global iron losses in the stator region(s)
  • ROTOR_IRON_LOSSES: Global iron losses in the rotor region(s)
  • COIL_RESISTIVITY: Thermal resistivity of the coil’s conductor (generally copper)
  • MAGNET_RESISTIVITY: Thermal resistivity of the magnets
  • YOKE_RESISTIVITY: Thermal resistivity of the iron (rotor and stator)
  • INSULATION_RESISTIVITY: Thermal resistivity of the coil’s insulation
  • OIL_RESISTIVITY: Thermal resistivity of the oil where the coils are embedded
  • FLUID_TEMPERATURE: Temperature of the cooling fluid


  • A steady state thermal simulation according with the inputs