Submitting Jobs to the Cluster

Execute the Farm model to cluster application macro in CADFEKO to split a model into smaller runs with one frequency and angles of incidence (phi and theta) to a cluster.

  1. Open CADFEKO and run the Farm model to cluster macro.
    The Farm model to cluster dialog is shown.
    Figure 1. The Farm model to cluster dialog.

  2. Click Browse to select the output directory.
  3. [Optional] Select the Don't remesh if not needed check box to only mesh the model when required.
  4. [Optional] Select the Don't save *.cfx/*.cfm files if mesh did not change check box to preserve disk space and only create the files that are required.
  5. In the Number of chunks field, enter the number of chunks to farm to a cluster.
  6. Click View/Update info to display additional information about the sub-models.
    Note: If a plane wave source is included in the configuration only the incident directions are chunked and a single frequency is used per sub-model to optimise the run time.
  7. Click Submit to start splitting the models to submit the to the cluster.
    Once the model creation has started, a progress dialog is shown.
    Figure 2. The Farm model to cluster progress dialog.

  8. Complete the process by clicking OK to acknowledge the messages.
    • The process is finished. The individual models are available in the configuration subfolder in the output directory. A submission file for each sweep configuration is available in the output directory.

    Once the models are submitted to the cluster, the following dialog is shown.

    Figure 3. The Farming model to cluster completion dialog.