Merging the Results on the Cluster

Execute the combine_results.lua from the command line using POSTFEKO to merge the results on a cluster. Use the --configure-script argument to pass configuration information to the combine_results.lua script.

Use the following command-line parameters to launch the combine_results.lua script in non-interactive mode:
QT_QPA_PLATFORM=offscreen $FEKO_HOME/bin/postfeko [SESSION] --non-interactive
--run-script=[SCRIPT] --configure-script="[OPTIONS]"
Note: The --configure-script parameter requires that the input variables are wrapped in quotes with an empty space separating each variable.
A single session (.pfs) may be specified that may or may not exist.
Specify the absolute path to the combine_results.lua file.
Tip: Find the combine script in the <FEKO_SHARED_HOME> directory:


The absolute path to the Cluster sweep summary *.xml file on the cluster.
Note: To specify paths for the --configure-script variable it is recommended to use literal strings, for example, [[<insert path>]].