Modifying the Auto-Generated Mesh

Modify the model mesh in CADFEKO using the correct settings. A mesh is a discretised representation of a geometry model or mesh model used for simulation in the Solver.

  1. Set the Wire segment radius equal to 150e-6.
  2. Set the local mesh size on the windscreen reference face equal to 0.2.
    Note: Apply a local mesh refinement on the windscreen reference face to ensure accurate representation of the surface. The mesh elements of this face do not contribute to the solution's computational resources.
Due to the fine geometric detail of the car, advanced mesh settings are applied.
  1. Specify the advanced mesh settings.
    1. Set the Refinement factor equal to Coarse.
    2. Set the Minimum element size to Medium.
    Tip: Open the Modify Mesh Settings dialog and click the Advanced tab.