Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

  1. Use the model considered in Pin-Fed, SEP Model and rename the file.
  2. Activate the FDTD solver.
    Tip: Open the Solver settings dialog and click the FDTD tab. Select the Activate the finite difference time domain (FDTD) solver check box.
  3. Change the continuous frequency range to linearly spaced discrete points ranging from fmin to fmax with the number of frequencies set to 51.
  4. Define the FDTD boundary condition settings.
    1. Top (+Z), -Y, +Y, -X and +X boundaries:
      • Boundary definition: Open
      • Select the Automatically add a free space buffer check box.
    2. Bottom (-Z) boundary:
      • Boundary definition: Perfect electric conductor (PEC)
      • Select the Do not add a free space buffer check box.